NEW Online Booking


Dear Guests,

In the past few months I have been working closely with Millennium Software to learn and integrate my previous online booking software, Vagaro,  into our new system at Spectrum, provided by Millennium Software. Millennium offers real time booking, which will seamlessly sync any appointments booked online onto our computer systems at Spectrum, creating one integrated system that will track each guest’s formulas, frequency of visits and allow each guest to book online 24/7.

For those of you have used Vagaro in the past 3 years with me, all appointments have been appropriately transferred to Millennium, and you will now be able to continue to book with Millennium. You can create a new user name and password, however, Millennium is smart enough to recognize first and last name, as well as email addresses in order to merge any pre-exisiting guest files. I strongly encourage using any email you’ve provided to Spectrum as in most cases, this will link your files. Forgot your email? No worries! We will sync it up when you come in for your appointment.

The “Millennium” image below and you will be redirected you to our  booking site, so please feel free to book 24/7! Millennium_SI_logo-pinkresized-1

This has been a tedious task and I truly appreciate your patience as we’ve worked through it, as well as your adaptability as we move forward. It has been an incredible first 3 months in the new space at Spectrum, and we couldn’t have done it without all of you!

As always, you can visit for more information.

Love, light + Spectrum

Gina Cooper + Team Spectrum

Peace, Love + Spectrum


After nearly 18 months, a true labor of love is nearly complete. I have moved from Salon Seven to Spectrum Salon in the newly developed Village at Kimball Junction. Spectrum is composed of a partnership created by Jim Smith, Matthew Smith, Michael Schmidt and myself. With a collective love for the industry and a vision of creating a lifestyle based workplace, our partnership is complimented by an incredible team of creative industry professionals. Offering a full range of services, including hair services for men, women and children, as well as skin care services to compliment your every need, we look forward to making your experience at Spectrum modern, comfortable and rejuvenating.

Any appointments booked through this site or through myself will be seamlessly transferred over to Spectrum with appropriate reminders and confirmations. We are working towards 24/7 online booking through our main site, however, booking through our main phone line with our reservationist during our business hours is the best way to connect with us as we secure our online presence.

Thank you for all of your support and love as this has been a true journey and a dream come to life. On behalf of Spectrum Salon, we look forward to seeing you as we enter this beautiful Holiday Season!

Love, light + many thanks!


Spectrum Salon, 1664 Uinta Way Suite C-1, Park City, Utah 84098

*conveniently located across from World Market and Michaels

Salon: 435-571-0925



Tuesday through Saturday 10-7
Sunday 10-5
Monday closed

Spring Fling


As the runway lights faded and the celebrities resided, New York Fashion Week came to a close and the press began to buzz with the season’s most sought after trends. I follow the fashion industry just as closely as I do the beauty industry, as both compliment each other’s presence, and this season, there was nothing more complimentary than the melting of fashion and beauty as the runway lit up. Read on to catch a glimpse at my take on the latest in Spring trends and how you can add them into your every day affairs.

1. TEXTURE.Wave, curl, frizz, fluff, flounce. Whatever you want to call it and however you want to wear it, don’t fight it and embrace your natural texture. My trick? Wrap random sections around the outside of a curling iron (1″ to 1.5″) to refine a few pieces around your nape, crown and face. I usually only do about 10 sections, spritz with either sea spray or a little flexible hair spray, then use my fingers to break the refined curls apart. For an alternative look, glam it up with a side part and some bobby pins and you’ve got yourself a classic Pin-Up girl look.

2. BALAYAGE, OMBRE, MELT. There is nothing more beautiful than a recession proof trend. A continuing theme on the catwalk and lining the seats of runways was the ever present organic color. Darker at the root, fading lighter to the ends, this has truly proven to be a timeless trend. And the best part about it? You can change it up  in many different ways: just ask your stylist to slightly change the tone by adding more golds, beiges, coppers or tans into the formula.

3. BRAIDS, BUNS, PONYS & ACCESSORIES. Ever the busy girls best friend, the trends of how you tuck your locks up for the day just keeps getting better and better. There were no rules on the runways; slick chignons, side braids, deconstructed pony tails complimented with head bands. Don’t be afraid to lose your perfection.

4. FRESH HUES. Ribbons of pastels weaved their way through locks at several shows this year. Pastels, the friendliest hue to compliment every exisisting canvas brought a true taste of Spring to every ‘do. Refreshing and a lovely departure from the mundane.

5. FRINGE BENEFITS. Let’s get real for a sec. Whether you are looking to change up your style without hacking of major lengths, or your need to cover up some lines, adding some fringe (or bangs, if you will) is like $5 Botox. Wear them full and blunt or romatically swept to the side (paired with a braid, below) and you’ll be sure to have some spring in your step.

6. WATERWORKS. Just in time for April Showers and pool parties, giving your hair the glossy, wet look was oh-so popular. Applying a light weight gel to the roots and combing it through so it just slightly saturates the ends gives you the perfect beachy keen look. Slick it back into a bun or pony for a high glam occasion, or use your fingers to gently brush out the ends while leaving the roots uninterrupted for some tousled texture.

Just a brief look into some of my favorite Spring trends to grace the runways at NY Fashion Week. I hope this gives you a little inspiration to add an adjustment to your every day look. Don’t be shy to ask your stylist to help you conquer these looks….go ahead and have your Spring Fling. 

Much Love, gina ellen.



Recently the world lost a beautiful life and the heavens gained another divine angel, Sarah Burke. I am compelled to write this as I can compose myself for a moment to reflect on the beauty Sarah inspired upon those around her. I remember meeting Sarah for the first time in Whistler, BC at summer camp…the Sarah I met there was no different than the Sarah I last spoke to. She never changed; always bright, charismatic, genuine, hardworking, talented, beautiful, kind and most of all, loving.

There is a beauty that laid within Sarah that was impressed upon each of us. I will never forget her contagious smile, laughter and motivation. I miss my friend….years of adventures, competitions, travels, love, conversations and friendship….I miss them everyday. I miss my friend.

I ask each of you who reads this: live everyday with kindness in your heart. I made a promise when Sarah passed that I would live with the ultimate kindness she held….to inspire people everyday, every way to be great in an individual way and share that greatness through smiles, kindness, love and light.

Sarah, you were the reason for my success, adventures, courage and love. I still don’t know how I will make it through the remainder of time without questioning why life works the way it does….but I do promise to carry your light in every aspect of life. I’ll hear your laughter when I reminisce on our adventures, see your smile when I look at the sunshine, and feel your spirit with each snow fall. I’ll love you forever.


A Lovely Beginning


January marks the third month at my new location, Salon Seven. I’ve had nothing but incredible support, love, enthusiasm and light surrounding me as this transition has taken place. On the daily, people ask me “Are you liking it here?” Well, “like” doesn’t quite justify my complete adoration for my new position. Feeling nothing short of refreshed, each day I go into work is exciting as each day I embark on a new set of challenges, creativity and connectivity with each visit. Let’s be real: I get to play “Barbie” all day, help people feel more confident about themselves, tap into a dream like state of creativity and be an ear when someone might need it most–if that isn’t a sweet gig, I don’t know what is. With that said, I have to give a shout out:

My Family: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me, reassuring me to follow my dreams, as well as being my fearless team of advisors, counselors, therapists and accountants…..and especially for not judging me when in complete terror,  I sent texts and emails to you at all hours of the day!

Jeremy and Nikole: My two rocks! I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend and best friend. Nikole, thank you for teaching me to see love and positivity in every moment. J, you have done nothing but brought the true light out in me and I am forever thankful for your love!

My Friends and Clients: Never in a million years did I think I’d encounter the relationships I have with all of you. Sharing your lives with me and including me in your family has brought a light to my life I never knew existed.

Needless to say, this has been quite the journey and I look forward to nothing short of beautiful days filled with creativity, love and light.

thank you & love, gina ellen.

I’ve Moved!


“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

Welcome to my new page, gina ellen studio. Why the change? Because change is a beautiful thing. 

Not long ago, after a long day of work, I marched into my bedroom in my condo in Park City and said to my boyfriend “I have a 5 year plan. I want to own my own salon by the time I’m 32.” He said to me, “Ok, what do you have to do to get there?” Me, “I don’t know. I just wanted to say that out loud.” He looked at me and smiled. I said,”I’m going to do it. I don’t know how yet, but I will make it happen.”

Well, just in case you haven’t experienced this yet, I’d like to enlighten you: when you acknowledge a dream and make a statement out loud, you’d better be ready. Spoken dreams have an incredible ability to move from potential to actual in a short period of time…

So here it is, a new location, with the same prices, upgraded services and a fresh approach to the art of hairdressing. And for you, a formal invitation:

You’re Invited!

Who: Gina Ellen Gmeiner, formerly of Regis Salon, will be joining Salon Seven as of Monday, October 10th!

What: Women’s Haircuts, Styling, Color, Relaxing, Extension and Smoothing Services

Men’s Grooming and Color

Bridal Parties, Makeup Artistry and Out Calls Available

Where: Salon Seven is conveniently located in the Silver Mountain Building in Kimball Junction. Across the street from the Holiday Inn, and just past Wells Fargo and Wendys.

When: As of  October 10th, all appointments will be taken at Salon Seven. Any bookings can be made by contacting Gina Ellen Gmeiner directly at 435.640.3731 or via email . *Online booking will become available Monday, October 10th! Just look for the “Book 24/7″ icon and your appointments are just one click away!* 

Check out my “Specials” tab at the top of the page for more information on the complimentary upgrades I will be offering through December!

Thank you for your kindness, support and love!  I look forward to seeing you at my new location.

LOVE, gina ellen.

A Year in Review


Last night, I laid in bed an hour before the ball dropped in our time zone and tried to recall all the moments which stood out the most in the last year and I couldn’t quite pick out one pivotal moment in which best suited 2010. Instead, of finding the one particular moment, I realized I have found a sense of peace knowing time is passing and with that passing, I continue to find light in every moment.

Not in any particular order, in the last year I’ve….

Found my passion lies within....and nothing makes me happier than sharing it with others.

Made a bestfriend and I love her like a sister!

Traveled to different locations with Regis Salons, just to find out this company is more than I expected and everything I hoped for.

Watched my two dearest friends get married and found myself inspired by their ability to remain individuals while growing together.

Found a love for the mountains again.... I never thought anything would me make smile and laugh so hard all in one breath!

Realized how thankful I am for my ever supportive, loving and inspiring family.

Made myself a home in Park City!

Created an environment with a team of 7 stylists who inspire me to be great well as a list of clientele who have welcomed me into their lives--this is what makes me excited for work everyday.

Found love in some of the most unexpected places and I've carried it in my heart everyday.

A brief recap and surely I have missed a moment or two…..however, nothing is more significant to me than the light I have found within and how I strive to share it everyday. I hope, wish and pray for nothing but love, light and blessings in your New Year.
xo, ::gigi::